Pavers are a smart choice when it comes to low-maintenance, high-traffic areas in your garden. They are great for courtyards, driveways, under pergolas, and as a feature in your garden landscaping. It’s easy to see why they are an essential part of almost every Geelong landscaping project.

  • Crazy paving creates a natural, random pattern for beautiful garden paving. Given its texture, density and natural colour variations, crazy paving is an ideal stone flooring option for driveways, courtyards, garden paving, pool surrounds and pathways. It is also a great option when working with curves in a garden, landscape or design project.
  • Concreting is the cost effective and simple way to pave. Exposed aggregate (also known as decorative concrete) is one of the most popular finishes for concrete. It is long-lasting, non-slip and has a very appealing architectural appearance.
  • Steppers are a wonderful way to incorporate a path into your garden while allowing plantings or lawn to grow between the stones.

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