Native gardens on the Bellarine Peninsula

June 3, 2013

At SC Landscapes we are passionate about designing and constructing native and sustainable gardens. Here in Geelong, the Bellarine and the Surf Coast, this means choosing plants that will survive in our contrasting climate.

From harsh summers, to cold winters with heavy rainfall, native plants  ̶  especially those indigenous to the area  ̶  will be the best performers for this climate. From heavy clay based soil to well-draining sandy soil, choosing plants wisely can mean little to no watering once established in your garden.

Use of the right topsoil and mulch is also important when constructing a new garden in order to minimise water use in the warmer months and protect the plants from cold and frosts in the cooler months.

2013-06-03 Native Gardens on the Bellarine Peninsula

Apart from being practical, here at SC Landscapes we also think that native plants look wonderful in any setting if carefully chosen. From traditional homes to modern facades we can help you create the perfect sustainable, yet creative landscape for you.