Benefits of irrigation and wate-wise gardens in Geelong

December 5, 2012

Irrigation saves you time and money – you don’t over-water when you have a timer system installed!

Drip lines are very efficient at getting water to the plant/tree roots and very little gets lost in the atmosphere such as with sprinklers (if plants are mulched, even better as the mulch helps to retain the water where it is needed in the ground and keeps plants moist during this very hot weather).

Your irrigation system in Geelong can be plumbed into rainwater or grey water tanks with the use of a pump, giving you the added benefit and cost saving of using a recycled water source.

Pop up sprinklers are what is needed for lawn and again saves time, water and money by watering at optimum times such as after dark/before dawn so that the lawn has time to use the water before it evaporates into the heat of the day. Rain Stats can also be installed and are a great idea as they measure the volume of rain received and adjust the timer accordingly so that the lawns are not watered if they have received rain.

Once set up properly lawns cannot be over or under watered on these systems, making for great looking lawn year ’round.